Best Box Mod or Best Vaporizer ?


Lost Vape Triade Herbal Vaporizer REVIEW

In the recent years, vaping has become more and more popular among people who are trying to quit smoking. Smoking has been linked to a multitude of lung and respiratory diseases including lung cancer and that has been linked to a large number of deaths. That being said, the nicotine levels in cigarettes make it a bit difficult to quit despite the risks. So in order to quit smoking, you have to give your brain something else to focus on instead of smoking –

Vaporizers for weed


Vaping is the act of inhaling vapour from an electronic device called a best portable vaporizer and although vaping goes back thousands of years, the new age of vaping began in about 1960 when a Korean war veteran Herbert A. Gilbert patented the first set of modern weed vaporizers. Contact them here.

Lost Vape Triade

Box Mods have come a long way since their invention and with every version; there are higher capabilities and more functions. They have even been designed to be safer. In 2016, Lost Vape released the Triade DNA 250 and it took the personal vaporizing market by storm. Let us examine a few things about this device.


The general look of the Triade is cool, it comes enclosed in a leather box and the craftsmanship on this is superb. The buttons are placed on box modstight and it is going to be a while before they get shaky. The attention to detail on this device is something you want to look out for.

· The DNA 250 Chip – This chip is made by Evolv LLC and it is yet the strongest chip used in modern day new vape mod. It has got features such as wattage control, temperature control, a small screen so you can see the status of the battery as well as other information on your device, a lithium-ion battery which makes it impossible for your unit to overheat and more. This chip is the biggest selling point of the Triade DNA 250 mod by lost vape.


· Lovely design

Electronic cigarette· Temperature control

· Leather wrapping

· OLED display

· Extended battery life


– Since this device is fairly new, there is no telling what the long-term risks might be. All who are using it have only had positive reviews but like with every new technology, there are worries about the future


As cool as this may sound, vaping is not for fun. The act of vaping is aimed at ex-smokers who would like to avoid health risks of tobacco. It is far safer to use vape than it is to smoke a cigarette since there is no tobacco in a personal vape pen This being said, the Triade is a good device and definitely serves the purpose for which it was made. If you are thinking about quitting smoking, then this may be the way to go.

Avira Browser Safety Review



Avira antivirus is a world famous antivirus software that offers complete protection against all types of cyber security threats. The antivirus has one of the highest detection rates for malware and other forms of internet-based threats. The antivirus is designed for an easy and hassle-free setup, which is also quick. Once the antivirus software is installed, the user interface is easy to use and it displays all the relevant options required to perform a specialized scan. There are many other specialized and helpful features in the antivirus software that are helpful in protecting your computer.

Avira – Key Features

The browser safety feature is one of the key features of the antivirus software. It helps in protecting the online privacy of the user’s from Internet Securityonline threats and hackers. In addition, the feature is helpful in blocking the malicious websites before access and downloadcause harm to the computer. This is an important feature because it is helpful in blocking the dangerous phishing sites. In addition, the feature provides same security to the family and friends when they want to use the computer.

Now surf the web tension free and safe without having to worry about the online attacks that can cause harm and damage to your computer and personal information. The German digital security company is also famous for maintaining an updated and one of the largest data banks of the virus and malware programs and other types of threats. Avira antivirus is compatible with multiple operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac and iOS and Android etc.

Free Avira


Integrated with the latest and robust technologies, the antivirus also provides a fast, quick and accurate scan for the entire computer. This Virus SecurityAnti virushelps in determining the actual health of the computer, all this done quickly without slowing down the computer clearly Avira has become the user’s number one choice for Home PC protection. Avira makes sure that the user’s online banking and financial details remain safe because the rate of cyber crimes of stealing business, banking and online details has increased in past one decade. The antivirus software offers the safe, tension free environment for the users to do the financial and banking transactions, keeps their details safe from hackers and other forms of threats lurking to attacks, and steals the information.


The antivirus continues to provide nonstop protection to its users while working in the background. In addition, it monitors the incoming and outgoing traffic looking for intrusions and existing threats that might attempt to put the user in harm’s way. Avira antivirus also protects its user from getting a computer virus or malware attack via e-mail. The e-mail scanner scans for all types of threats in an incoming e-mail that can cause potential damage to the computer.